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At Thelma & Leah, we take your loungewear seriously, so you don't have to.
We believe life is tough, and we decided that you needed a well-deserved rest.

We believe in bringing together families and communities.
We believe that as a collective, we are stronger.

When T&L was first started, the brand's ethos was to make it a collaborative space, bringing in artists, brands, and charities to create beautiful fabrics, prints, and products for people to enjoy, to make your journey to the land of dreams a pleasure.

We hope we make you feel cozy and that you feel rested and happy when you wake up.

We are so glad you found us.

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The Sabine Collection

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Explore our collection of nightshirts and pyjamas for women (you can match with your kiddos or your lovers too!)


Kids Collection

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Greek Islands

Inspired by our love for Greece and its stunning Greek Islands. You are invited on our journey to Greece, and its magicalness.

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