Our Story

“We take your loungewear seriously,

so you don’t have to.”

Thelma & Leah was created by Leah de Wavrin in 2017 when her daughter, Thelma, was born. Inspired by her travels & different cultures, Fashion has no limits, and for Leah, the brighter, the better. Not afraid of using patterns either, the brand T&L, is fun at its core.
At the heart of Leah’s vision is promising ethically sourced and responsibly made loungewear and supporting independent artists, artisans and charities. Thelma & Leah believes that everyone should treat themselves once in a while and it is okay to enjoy nice things!


noun [ masculine ] /farnjente/ /farnjat/ fait d’avoir plaisir à ne rien faire lazing around Le farniente à la plage, quel bonheur Isn’t it great just lazing on the beach!