What will be our charities?

What will be our charities?

We want to explore a new way of shopping online with "Thelma & Leah”.

How can your purchase create the largest social and financial impact to the communities your product came from and the lowest on the environment.

Each purchase from T&L will be giving back to the communities these unique items came from.

We are conscious that creating anything especially clothing has a repercussion on our beautiful planet, this is why we want to continuously try and better ourselves.

We collaborate with different communities and artisans from around the world, and are constantly in search of better fabrics and dyes.

We are also committed to giving back some of our profit to the communities that made our PJs by supporting local NGOs and charities in the villages and communities that made them.

Currently we are partnering with artists, and supporting the charities that are close to their heart by asking them to design a bespoke illustration related to the cause they hold dear.

Portion of the proceeds from the sales support these initiatives

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